Novix Clean

Project Description

Novix Clean had need for opening a new market pointed towards kids and parents

So me my colleague Ramiz Tutic and I have created few propositions for it. 

Project Goals and Design Approach

  1. Make the design appealing to kids.
  2. Stand out of crowd – differ from our competition

First Output

Following our first idea of making design appealing to kids nad standing out of crowd – we have came with three proposition as seen above. 

In this process we tried to imagine how our products will look in the store: 

We wanted to see how our products will look like next to competitors

Issues With the Clients

For various reasons, our clients were not satisfied. Those reasons were personal, and whatever we did they were not satisfied. Always asking for new designs and etc. So in the final – we decided to terminate the contract with them. 

The images above are our final design. But we also had some other variations:

Final Decision

Since the client and we were never on the same page. No matter the effort that is put in from our side – we decided to not work with them anymore. In our plan, there were also other lines of their products for adults and luxury line of products for hotels. We have done some first propositions which were all rejected, we present them all for you here:

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